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Post to Multiple Job Boards

Post to the web's most popular job boards with a single click. Resfly gets your jobs in front of millions of candidates quickly, easily, and securely.

  • Create your first job in minutes
  • Publish it to job boards with one click
  • Start collecting applicants!
Twenty job boards and counting, all with one click!

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Screen Candidates Effectively

Custom Questionnaires

Get only the candidates you want.

Create custom questionnaires to make sure you get only the best candidates.

Filter out unqualified candidates by asking your applicants anything you want.

Video Interviews

Prevent bad interviews! Take hiring to the next level with video interviews.

Most online video interview services cost hundreds of dollars per interview! Resfly's video interviews are included with every account for no additional charge, and there is no limit to how often you use them.

Get More Candidates, Faster

Free Hosted Career Portal

A career portal is a free job website for your company that allows you to manage the application process for your careers from a centralized location.

Upload a company logo and choose from a variety of themes to match your company's branding.

Customizable look and feel!
Comprehensive Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your hiring with detailed reports and statistics.

Know exactly what works and what doesn't.

Adjust your hiring campaigns with real-time data to improve your future hiring efforts.

Fully interactive charts and graphs!

Paperless Hiring

Hire Without Leaving Your Browser

Forget about filing resumes and trying to keep track of applications. Manage your entire hiring process without leaving your browser.

Resfly makes collaboration simple. Share candidates with your team with just a few clicks.

Embedded Resume Viewer

Never print another resume again!

View submitted resumes online in Resfly's embedded resume viewer.

Forget about keeping track of files and dealing with incompatible file types.

Just let Resfly store all of your candidate's resumes and rest easy.

Works on phones and mobile devices, too!

Integrates with Your Current ATS

Already have an ATS? That's okay!

Use Resfly to publish your jobs and have candidates apply directly to your existing applicant tracking system.

Don't have an ATS? Resfly has all the features you need to manage your hiring process.

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